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Busy books

alphabet and numbers, shapes and colours, size and patterns, writing and tracing, Kindy book, quiet book.


Kid's busy books
Laminated activities with Velcro dots attached 
4  books each having 10 or more activities 
size a4
comes in lever arch file.


Alphabet and Numbers

Book includes

1- cover page

2- Match the Alphabet

3- Match the upper-case letters

4- Match the lower-case letter

5- Match the pictures with the letter they start with

6- Match the Numbers 1 to 20

7- Counting to 10

8- Match the picture to the correct number

9- Number 1 to 20 puzzle

10- Find the missing numbers 1 to 10

11- Find the missing numbers 1 to 20


Size and Patterns

1- cover page
2- Where do the small, medium and large fish go
3- What goes where, land, air, water, Sorting animals
4- What goes where, land, water, air, sorting Transport things
5- Finish the pattern
6- Finish the patterns by size
7- Sorting by Size
8- Sorting Small or Big Animals
9- Smallest to biggest
10- What comes next dice pattern
11- Sorting bees into the correct size home

Colours and Shapes

Book includes
1- cover page
2- Match the 2D Shapes
3- Match the 3D Shapes
4- Sort 2D and 3D shapes
5- Shapes Puzzle
6- Match the Colours
7- Match the Shape to the Ice Cream Cone 
8- Sorting Shapes
9- I Spy Coloured Shapes
10- Finish the shape Pattern

Writing and Tracing

Book includes

1- cover page

2- Tracing and Writing Shapes

3- I can Write the Days of the Week

4- Tracing the Alphabet

5- Tracing lines 1st

6- Tracing Pictures x 2

7- Tracing lines 2nd

8- Tracing the Alphabet and words

9- Tracing Numbers 1 to 10

Please note, as these are all handmade, there may be slight imperfections that doesn’t affect the quality of the product.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you for supporting my small business!

4 Busy Books

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