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A6 Saving Challenge Binder, Cash Envelopes, Saving Challenge Envelopes 


A6 Saving Challenges Comes WITH Binder


2024 Saving challenge 
12 months of savings
$430 each month
Comes with a Cover page, quote page, Monthly Tabs, and a laminated envelope with savings tracker for each month.


Savings challenge Bundle
Come with a  cover page, quote page, and 8 tabs with a laminated cash envelope with savings tracker.
Miscellaneous/ Misc for short

If you would like something different written on the tabs and envelopes please write the 8 things you wish to save for in personalisation part.


Savings Challenge Starter Kit
Comes with cover page, quote page, 8 tabs with a laminated envelope to match the challenge.


Please remember these are handmade by me, so may contain small imperfections that do not alter the use of the item.

Colours may vary from the photos provided, due to the difference in screens and colour may be different due to the printing process of each item.

Items are for personal use do NOT edit or resell.

A6 Saving Challenge Binder, Cash Envelopes, Saving Challenge Envelopes

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